Spreading Ourselves Too Thin

We all do it.

Trying to do too many things at once, spinning too many plates. Why?

Maybe we’re trying to keep our options open.

Maybe we’re trying to please other people.

Maybe we’re perfectionists and believe we should have everything covered by ourselves.

Maybe we’re so full of ideas and passions that we want to take action on pursuing them all at the same time (raises hand).

Then we spread ourselves too thin. We feel like we’re failing, because we are dashing between too many different things and that makes the end results not up to what we’d hoped for.

Two things coming up for me in the run-up to this baby being birthed are prioritising and simplifying.

The media tries to convince us that a simpler life is boring, so it can flog us the next distraction from our over-stuffed, stressful lives.

Bollocks to it. I want more simplicity. I want to notice the joy in the little things. I want to feel secure, and focussed in the direction that feels right.

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