Spring Is Coming

Its noticeably lighter in the mornings and evenings, and there as some Actual Real-Life Sunshine.

Spring is coming.

I’m trying to live more in sync with my Moon journal; and have ‘down-time’ when the Moon is void-of-course. Which is from now until this evening.

I still find this stage frustrating. We are so used to ‘pushing on’ that to sit back, do nothing but truly¬†know¬†all is well takes a fucking huge mindset jump. It’s like we’re mentally hardwired into the linear ‘work/push for results’ mentality that has been forced upon us for generations – but somewhere down inside, however far it’s buried, is this knowing that that isn’t the right way for us as a woman. As a mamma.

But we ignore it, and stubbornly push on. Until at some point or another, bits of our life start flaking off. Safety nets get pulled away because we’re too reliant on them.

Books help. They remind you to honour yourself, go within, embrace the cyclical side. But I’m finding at the moment that a lot of them lack the ‘grit’.

I am resting. But I am never truly resting because I am creating a new life, and helping a new one about the world. In the quiet moments, the ‘stuff’ comes up. Thats when most people will become busy, or fill the void with ‘coping things’. Because it feels easier to leg it in the other direction.

It feels more like a time for sorting is approaching. The cupboards, inner baggage and worries…what do I need to hold on to and what is it pointless keeping?

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