Stepping Up As A Lightworker

‘Stepping up’, or answering those nudges/kicks the Universe gives you is a mahoosive theme for me at the moment – I’m seeing it everywhere I look; in the books I read, social media posts, and as internal nudges too (backed up with starting to feel the baby move and kick).

Do you feel called?

What is so important to remember is that this is a calling. I’ve tried ignoring it in the past, or filling time with other ‘busy’ stuff. What makes this path unique is that as more and more people do step up, they are encouraging others to share their voice – essentially doing the same thing, but in each person’s unique way.

Sometimes in business for example, we can see others around us doing the same thing – we start to compare ourselves to the projection of themselves that others are putting out there and we think, ‘well why bother?’. Too much competition, and having to push for minimal results, especially if our heart isn’t in it.

But as a lightworker, it’s not about competing for attention, subscribers or anything else. Its just about turning up and doing what you do. How fucking powerful is that?!

Imagine you just did your thing, without trying to fit into something that doesn’t fit you because the belief that it’s the only way you’ll be supported is gone.

Imagine you didn’t stop before you’ve even started because you’ve seen loads of people sharing that kinda message online/in books.

What would you do? What would you share?


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