Taking Action Series: Getting Organised

This is one of a series of posts for prompts on taking action for busy, overwhelmed multipassionate mamas! 

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Getting organised is easier said than done with kids in tow, however it’s a valuable step to dedicate some time to if you’re committed to taking action to reach your goals and find your place of balance between business and family.

Some of us naturally find organisation easier than others; so everyone will find this process different – it might take longer for some, or there might be more sticking points on the way. But organisation can:

– Stop us from feeling ‘stuck’

– Reduce the feeling of overwhelm once it’s done (there’s probably likely to be some at the beginning of the process, but that’s normal!)

– It can give us a sense of clarity and motivation to keep taking action in other areas

– Make life feel a little easier!

Some ideas for getting organised

Pick one area of your life to start with – for example, your business, your personal life, your home…within this area, what is the first thing that springs to mind that is in need of organisation? It might be a physical space (omg my garage); or something more abstract, like family activities.

Is there anything standing in the way of getting this organised? Have you tried before and it’s not worked out? If so, is there anything you need to do first to enable organisation to happen?

If the process seems overwhelming, focus on what a more organised *fill in the blank* would enable you to do.

A few suggestions of things to organise to get you going…

  • A cupboard or closet
  • Your home office space (good one to help with clarity when working)
  • The files on your computer
  • A family calendar for appointments/activities
  • Your desk
  • Your handbag/baby bag
  • Mental clutter, like blocks, old habits etc.
  • Organising systems within your business

Once you’ve set your intention of what you want to organise, try to put some time aside to complete the dirty work. And be realistic about time too – organising a cupboard for example might take a little less time than clearing long-standing money blocks!

If you feel you need accountability on getting organised, then why not post your intention in the Multipassionate Mamas Facebook Group?


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