Taking Action Series – Prioritising

This is one of a series of posts for prompts on taking action for busy, overwhelmed multipassionate mamas! 

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This post follows on from the Taking Action post on simplifying (link above).

So, say you’ve got clear on what’s important and what’s not. Maybe you’ve dropped habits or things that were no longer necessary altogether, and maybe you’ve identified a few things that can be delegated (basically, no longer done by yourself at least some of the time).

The next step then is to prioritise.

Questions for Prioritising

– What are the things that not only take up your time, but that will move you forward to help you achieve your goals in life and biz?

– What tasks/activities/jobs make you feel good, energised, positive? Which ones feel draining or make you feel resentful everytime you have to do them?

– Which tasks are urgent, important to you, both or neither? In this way you can draw up a table and have a more visual plan.

– Have you made a list of things that could potentially be delegated in some way? What action steps can you take to begin this process? (You could for example, hire a cleaner every other week; get groceries delivered; or automate a task such as getting accounting software that syncs with your bank account).

Once you’ve identified what your priorities are…

  • Schedule a realistic amount of time for them, so that you can carry them out
  • Try and repeat them at a similar daily/weekly/monthly time so that they become part of your routine
  • For urgent/time-sensitive tasks, set a deadline on your calendar
  • Consider further ways to reduce the influence of non-important tasks or those little things that you end up doing whilst procrastinating on the bigger ones – eg. blocking social media on your laptop/phone for a set time
  • And don’t be scared to say ‘no’ to other things that are going to interfere with your priorities!

If you feel you need accountability on your priorities, then why not post your intentions in the Multipassionate Mamas Facebook Group?

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