Taking Action Series – Simplifying

This is one of a series of posts for prompts on taking action for busy, overwhelmed multipassionate mamas! 

For advice on trying out a system or routine, click here

For getting organised, click here

For a hand with figuring out your priorities, click here

Why simplify?

We all have super-busy lives nowadays, and we’re bombarded with a plethora of information every day. Life is busy, especially if you’re trying to run a business with a family!

You might just get that feeling sometimes that you’d feel a little less overwhelmed, guilty, and time-pushed if there was more ease in your life; or you might have got to a point where something has to give.

The act of simplifying things and letting go of what’s no longer needed can create space for you to then move onto the next stage, and prioritise the things that actually are important.

Simpler can seem boring, but it can also improve your outlook and help you feel more chilled and happier in yourself.

Some ideas for simplifying things in your life

  • Include a form of daily meditation in your routine – even 10 minutes a day makes a difference to clearing the mental clutter we build up; and can pave the way for clarity in simplifying other areas of life too.
  • Declutter unneeded possessions
  • Find a to-do list/schedule that suits you so its not all stuck in your head (look at the post above about creating systems and routines)
  • Evaluate what you’re spending your time on in life/biz – are there things you resent spending time on? Can they be automated, outsourced or even dropped?
  • Saying ‘no’ and setting boundaries with others
  • Take a social media detox
  • Recycling content (eg. blogs, social posts, videos etc.)

Further Reading

There’s one book that is pretty much a staple in the area of simplifying and prioritising – and thats the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you’re serious about taking action then this book is worth studying over a period of time and implementing.

If you feel you need accountability on your choices to simplify things in life or business, then why not post your intention in the Multipassionate Mamas Facebook Group?

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