Taking Action Series – Trying A System or Routine

This is one of a series of posts for prompts on taking action for busy, overwhelmed multipassionate mamas! 

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Ok, so just like our look at getting organised – creating systems and routines tends to work better for some people than others; some will find it easier to implement, some will find them easier to stick to, and some will want to avoid them like the plague!

So why try a system or routine?

– It can help with clarity; for both you and others

– It can help with overwhelm/anxiety

– If you create ones that factor in a number of different interests, tasks or parts of your lifestyle for example, it can can help relive feelings of guilt and frustration about wanting to do a number of different things at the expense of others (for example, creating a work schedule that’s realistically implementable might allow you more time with the family, so you won’t feel as guilty that you’re spending all the hours you have in the office).

– It can make regular tasks quicker and simpler

So, have a think about where in your life or business could potentially benefit from a system or a routine – and what could free up some of your time, energy or money to spend on the things you’d rather be spending it on?

Some ideas for systems or routines

  • Having a daily/weekly schedule for your business, which includes time for all the bits that aren’t chargeable too (eg. invoicing, sales/marketing, content production)
  • Having a system for accounting/bookeeping
  • Client onboarding/offboarding
  • A lead generation/sales funnel
  • A routine for self-care

Once you’ve chosen something to focus on, consider the actual steps you’ll need to take to get the system/routine to play out in your life. Will you need to invest in something to make it happen? Will you need to write down/document a process so you have something to follow each time? Will you need to schedule in specific time each day/week/month?

And finally, don’t be afraid to ‘season to taste’. Be open to the idea that many of us will set something like this in stone and then want to rebel against it – particularly if we’re creative, free-flowing types! If something’s not working for you, consider what change it would take for that to no longer be the case.

It’s meant to work for you, so if it feels particularly icky in any way, have a look at whether something needs to be changed or adjusted – this might even be your own mindset!

If you feel you need accountability on implementing your system or routine, then why not post your intention in the Multipassionate Mamas Facebook Group?


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