The Adventures of Growing My Own…

I’m still not posting as much as I’d like to at the moment, mainly because life has been pretty difficult the last few weeks (look out for a future wine-fuelled post on how I need to accept that I will never lead a ‘chocolatebox’ life!)

However, one area of life that has seen some positive progress is up in the garden (It’s usually ‘down the garden’, but mine’s a piece of hill…)

I’ve had a bit of a digathon recently, and a planting binge has begun!

In the mini greenhouse we have chamomile, lettuce and basil growing from seed; plus celery, onions, spring onions growing from scraps. Oh, and potatoes.
I’ve also been busy with trees too… started ‘treeing off’ the top of the garden with Xmas Tree 2013, conifers and (in the pic but hard to see) silver birch and a rowan mountain ash.
Further down, we’re now rocking 3 blackcurrant bushes… and under the pot some rhubarb has got going!
Prepping the herb bed…what should I plant?
A rather stony existing veggie bed prepped… the garlic seems to like it anyway…

I’ve now got to the point where I need to find some cash to carry on with upcoming tasks (mainly, fencing/screening). Expensive cloches are being ignored in favour of a growing collection of mineral water bottles…I know, the plastic…but hopefully they won’t be on for too long!


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