The Best Online Resources for Postpartum Support

Whether you have recently had a baby and you\’re aware there\’s some gaps in your support network, or you\’re getting organised for support before baby arrives, you can find a lot of the contacts and information you need online.

However, in this \’expert\’ culture we currently live in, more and more people are putting things out there in the form of \’What You Should Be Doing\’.

So how do you filter through the unnecessary, the demeaning, the guilt-inducing, and the crap?

It can be really draining, so to give you some help, we\’ve put together a list of the best online resources we\’ve found to help you after the birth of your baby.

We\’ve chosen resources that aren\’t location dependant (though mostly UK-based), and are online-based so that anyone anywhere can access them.

Mental health

Baby loss/stillbirth support


For The Dads



Physical Health



Phew! We\’ll keep adding and updating this list as we find more. If you have any \’go-to\’ resources you\’d like to share, please let us know via Facebook, or email


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