The Forgotten Cleaning Jobs

Since closing down my cleaning business, I’ve been enjoying the ‘luxury’ of only having one place to keep clean every week!

I must have too much time on my hands as I’m pondering over those little cleaning jobs – you know, the ones that approximately once a week make you exclaim out loud, “I really must clean that out”.¬†Even with good intentions, they usually end up waiting until Spring Clean Season.

However, the school holidays are now upon us – so what better time to remind you of all the little jobs that you can foist upon your beloved offspring?

Let me think…

The drawer in the washing machine – It builds up with gunk and old bits of washing powder. Most drawers can be removed with a bit off a faff and cleaned in the sink. Shove it in a bowl of hot water with some white vinegar to kill the germs.

The rubber seal/washing machine door – Chances are if you’re not on top of these, they are likely to be pretty rank. A good scrub out with the vinegar water (don’t put too much vinegar in for cleaning the rubber seal) should make it happier.

While you’re on with the washing machine, put some citric acid in the washing powder compartment and run an empty hot wash. This will help remove the limescale and general gunk build-up inside the machine (If however, you are waiting for your machine to die so you can replace it with a nice black one from Next, maybe don’t bother).

The dishwasher insides – Things like checking the filter and the jets for food build-up; also the inside of the door around the rim as this does not get exposed to the water.

The cutlery tray – Every time I see this I know it needs cleaning. Every time I forget. Cutlery trays tend to pick up crumbs, dust and other kitchen grot. This is not nice for storing things you eat with. Time to wash it out (or at the very least, wipe it over).

The bottom of the wardrobe – It may have doors, but it still gets dusty. Wipe out or vacuum, depending on the base.

Make-up cases – Dust, leaky foundation, eyeshadow and allsorts can build up here; give hard cases a good old wash, and wipe soft ones out with a damp cloth.

Lightshades – Because I am sad, I do these every other week. You can use a vacuum attachment or a feather duster for more delicate ones.

Kitchen utensil holders – Wash them out, they get the same as cutlery trays.

Inside the medicine cabinet – Although inside cupboards/fridges is a Spring Clean kinda thing, the poor medicine cabinet often gets forgotten. Give it a wipe out and while you’re there, throw out anything that’s past its best or that you don’t use.

Computer keyboards – Depending on the type and severity (and whether you eat biscuits over it), these will require anything from a wipe over to vacuuming out. You can buy cans of compressed air to clean between the keys, but if you clean them regularly they are much easier to keep on top of.

The fan – I have to admit, I only remembered this one because I am currently sat in a wooden hut full of still hot air. Fans become avid collectors of dust over time, as it flutters down through the cage and sort of piles up on the blades and anywhere else it can. It is definitely time to take the front off the cage and wipe mine.

Can you think of any other little oft-forgotten cleaning jobs?

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