The Great Spring Clean

It’s getting to that time again…

I wanted to make one big list of things to do, so that I can either spend a couple of days blasting through it, or check things off as they get done. Now we have a young pup and the kitchen is like a piddle paddling pool, I suspect it may be the latter.

Here’s a copy of my own list, to give you some ideas for your own home…

My Spring Cleaning List


  • Hoover skirts, edgings behind moveable furniture
  • Clean inside window tracks
  • Dust behind radiators
  • Wash down doors/paintwork
  • Remove any scuffs/marks with magic eraser
  • Double check all switches/handles are clean
  • Treat drains with soda crystals/vinegar



  • Wash down front/back doors
  • De-cobweb front door covering
  • Pressure wash flags/ garden wall
  • Make sure outside gf sills are wiped
  • Find a way to clean the roof on the covered area!
  • Wipe down outhouse/store doors



  • Give fire a good clean out – clean glass
  • Get chimney swept
  • Remove books from shelves and dust
  • Wash cushion covers


  • Deep clean pantry & shelving
  • Steam mop floor
  • Move fridge and clean behind
  • Defrost freezer
  • Clean inside of fridge if needed
  • Wipe down kitchen trolley
  • Clean catflap
  • Deep clean bin
  • Clean seals/drawer/door of washing machine – run vinegar through a hot wash
  • “ “ dishwasher
  • Wipe down all shelves & items on them
  • Wipe out cupboard shelving
  • Clean tops of upper cupboards
  • Deep clean sink and splashbacks
  • Clean counter spotlights and under cupboards
  • Wipe out carousel
  • Give hob grates a good clean in washing powder
  • Clean extractor
  • Check inside oven
  • Clean out utensil jars
  • Wipe down kickboards



  • Wipe down stairrail & side of stairs
  • Deep clean venetian blind


Bathroom/Toilet Room

  • Wipe light pull
  • Thoroughly clean all tiling and grouting
  • Check top of rainwater shower head and screen fitting (side and bottom)
  • Clean behind sink pedestal
  • Wipe out bathroom unit
  • Check back area of loo



  • Wipe down over-door shelves
  • Thoroughly hoover/wash curtains
  • Wash laundry bag
  • Wash throws
  • Hoover inside bed and sort through clothing
  • Hoover out bedroom drawers



  • Wipe out bookcase
  • Hoover out over stairs storage


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