The Loss of Community


I’ve written about this quite a lot before on this website, through the viewpoint of a postpartum mother – now the traditional ‘villages’ have gone that used to support them. You can find a few of these resources here:

But sadly, it’s not just a postpartum problem.

At the moment, everywhere I look, something is either reminding me of community, or reminding me of the lack of it. I think a lot of us are feeling a certain unease around this, knowing there’s something missing, but not having that frame of reference to really put our fingers on what it is.

And sure, there are a lot of online communities. I have found some of these useful in the past, but never really felt like I ‘belonged’ in one. Places where useful information was shared, but ultimately there was little to no real human connection. We can be anything we want, behind these screens.

I’m not against online communities – they bring together like-minded people who may not be in the same geographical location. Hell, I was and maybe in the future, still am wanting to achieve an element of this with Empowered Mothers Network. But there needs to be something more. Something is missing.

I think we need more face-to-face, direct human connection. And we maybe need to rethink what communities of the future look like, too. I don’t know if we can ever go back to those localised communities where you popped in eveeryone’s house for a brew and the kids were in and out of various houses. I don’t know if that would even work now.

But we’re missing something. There is a loneliness epidemic, apparently.

And as a total introvert who absolutely has to spend time on her own, I still think we need community. For a start, there’s many systems and ways of doing things across the world which are harming us, the planet, and we can’t stand up and make change against these all by ourselves.

I guess we need to figure out what new communities look and function like. But on top of this, each one of us has to ‘do the work involved’. For a community to function effectively, it’s members all need to contribute where they can – maybe that looks like time, purchasing something, offering skills…

I don’t feel that Empowered Mothers Network came upon it’s name by accident. Originally, it was meant to be focussed on postpartum & postpartum doula’ing, as well as support groups for new mums. But I quickly found I couldn’t make all that work on my own with 2 young children!

As time has moved on, and I see the value in having an authentic connection via a community that is greater than the sum of its parts…I feel that it’s the right time for the Network to grow, and expand the lives of those it was created to serve. Many exciting possibilities await!