Hey There Mama!

The transition to motherhood is a completely life-changing, exciting and nerve-wracking time…so congratulations on getting this far! It’s so easy, especially in the hazy newborn days, to forget about yourself and your own needs (and yes, they are super-important too). So if you’re feeling in love but burnt-out; elated but frustrated; like your soul is craving nourishment – know that you’re not alone. Whether you’re getting ready to be a mama or already there, this workbook is for you. (Although you can use it if you’re pregnant, caring for another or a mumma in another way too, it’s just written from a new mumma POV).

In The Self-Care Workbook For New Moms, I’m going to share:

  •  Some essential tips to help you navigate that difficult balance between looking after yourself and a little one(s)
  •  Exercises that I use on a regular basis to restore calm when all about me is bloody manic – including a meditation and mindset exercises
  •  Why most of us are missing our ‘inner calm’, and what you can do to start bringing it back into your life
  •  How to find your tribe and grow your support network
  •  The benefits of ‘filling your own well’ (and why it’s NOT selfish to do so!)
The Self Care Workbook For New Moms

The aim of the workbook:

  •  Take some time for yourself, put your needs first
  •  Take a practical approach to facilitating your own healing process
  •  Come back to your own centre, this will help you become more relaxed, more focused and better-equipped to deal with those shitty stresses when they are thrown at you
  •  Reclaim your own inner power and feel confident enough in your decisions. Boost your self-esteem and become your own number one supporter!

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