Three Eco-friendly Alternatives for Cleaning Cupboard Offenders

There are 3 products found in most people’s cleaning cupboard that are pretty essential – but the well-known brands are frequently detrimental to both the environment and our own health. What if you could replace them with ‘green’ alternatives that work just as well and smell whole lot better…

Pollution No. 1 – Air Fresheners

Have you read the list of chemicals on the back?? Maybe you sprayed it around the room and stood for a few breaths while you had a read – see, now it’s investigating the inside of your lungs.

Instead? Try essential oils. If you get bored of the same smell don’t worry – there’s really rather a lot of them! Add them to an oil burner, mix some with water and spray around, or even add a few drops to a bulb ring.

Pollution No.2 – Antibacterial Products

Being a bit paranoid about germy surfaces (and having a husband whose idea of eco-friendly washing up was not using plates in the first place), I used to think these were great. This article by the Independent suggests otherwise, and it’s not the only source you’ll find stating that the bacteria are still there – and they’ll be back…

So instead of anti-bac sprays – well, you may as well use soap and water really, but try white vinegar and baking soda. These are known to kill bacteria, and your grandma used it. If the smell is a bit off-putting, try mixing in lemon juice, or some bacteria-busting essential oils like grapefruit, lavender or eucalyptus.

Pollution No. 3 – Bleach

Do you still use bleach? Hey, the fish are not happy! Fortunately there are a growing number of eco-friendly toilet cleaners on the market, including the one we use, by Ecover. Clean it the old-fashioned way with your vinegar, or pour a cup of Borax in and leave overnight.

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