Welcome to Peridot Web Design!

You may have noticed that there’s been a few changes on the site & Facebook page in recent weeks.

I’ve felt for a while now that it was time for my business to have its own name, rather than just being run under mine. I aim to provide a full and tailored experience through the design, development and launch of a website, something which I felt was not conveyed by simply the use of my name as a freelancer.

So, Peridot Web Design is born!

Why Peridot? Well there’s a couple of reasons. Firstly it is the birthstone for August, which seems pretty apt with the changeover this month. Secondly, it reflects my lifelong love of crystals, as well as the quality I aim to provide in my work. Finally the main reason is that the same time as I went into web development on my own last year, I also became very drawn to this particular crystal and purchased a beautiful peridot ring which was made locally. I was aware that the crystal brought abundance and helped with granting of wishes – let’s say that it has totally held up its side of the bargain!

There’s some exciting things in the pipeline, and I will be taking on new web projects again when I finish maternity leave at the beginning of next year. To keep updated when The Exciting Things happen, you can find me on Facebook at Peridot Web Design.