What Does ‘Having It All’ Look Like?

The house, the money, the recognition?

The career, the kids, the man?

Or something different for different people?

And if we ‘get it all’, would we even still want it?

People can be incredibly quick to judge, especially when you get clear on what your OWN fulfilled life is, and start moving towards it.

Sometimes it’s even people who we thought or expected to be on our side, in our corner, that we thought actually ‘got it’, that suddenly get triggered and react negatively or unsupportively (sometimes it’s conscious, sometimes its not).

In seeking out our tribe, others often leave our lives, or we realise we have to distance ourselves from them if we really want to make forward progress.

Often we have to really be conscious of how much of ourselves we share with others, because of the judgements, unwanted and unwarranted one-dimensional opinions.

The more we step into our own power though, and the clearer we are on our own goals and what ‘having it all’ really means for us as an individual, the less we have to edit because we can choose to let the negativity bounce right back.

It sure is a process, and it’s not easy. But in times like this I like to remember the quote ‘nothing great ever came from comfort zones’…

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