When does Two Under Two get easier?

If you\’re in the same boat, this is probably one of the questions you\’ve been crazy-googling in the middle of the night.

It\’s certainly a full-on club to be in…some members only have two under two for a couple of weeks or months, and some are in it for the long haul…!

With babies 13 months apart, I\’ve been in da club for coming up to a year, but I \’graduate\’ next month! They won\’t be two under two anymore, but I have no doubt that there will be a new set of challenges to overcome.

So I\’m actually managing to write this right now because the youngest is napping. The eldest is getting pissed off that she can\’t pour juice on the laptop whilst demanding I remove some stones from the watering can which she put in ages ago.

This is pretty standard now and it\’s not an amazing environment for content creation, but we muddle through. It\’s a slow process, but everything that can and should come back is doing. The old bits that aren\’t needed anymore have been well and truly sloughed off.

Before I had kids I could only write with noone else in the house, incense and a calming Spotify playlist. If I kept that up, I\’d never write another bloody word.

When does Two Under Two get easier then? Really, it doesn\’t. You just change, and adapt, and manage, and some days just survive. And that\’s ok.

It will get easier in some aspects. It will get more challenging in others. It\’s not a linear thing, going from difficult to easy; it ebbs and flows, pushes and pulls, contracts and relaxes.

You will have room in your life for other things again. You won\’t lose your creative abilities.

You almost certainly at some point will feel the mum guilt creep in…it\’s hard giving your all to two often very different emerging personalities. You will read statistics and studies and feel like you\’ve let everyone down. You haven\’t.

However long you\’re there for with two under two, you\’ll come out the other side. Get the support that you need, trim the fat from your life (be it time-wasting activities, expectations that cannot be fulfilled, or specific people), and above all, look for the special moments.

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