When You Haven’t Planned…

A lot of posts I write are about getting organised, planning and all that stuff, when you have a multitude of interests and are feeling lost/overwhelmed.

So before I went on maternity leave I was getting pretty good at cramming lots of things into a couple of productive hours whilst the baby was napping or sat in some kind of play-thing.

Fast-forward a few months and the baby is now walking…there is another one who is a couple months old and point blank refuses to sleep during the day unless it’s in a sling. Needless to say, I’m not getting much of a chance to write/do constructive stuff because even when they’re in bed I’m too knackered to do anything.

Baby has now entered the 12-week growth spurt/wonder week/week of utter mayhem. Whilst this makes me nervous and means she’s feeding pretty much all the time she’s awake, I remember all the promises of 12 weeks being the ‘magical’ turning point. This isn’t always true as different babies go at different paces, but last time it was a point where things started to fall into place a bit. A bit of a structure to the day started to appear regularly.

Baby was getting cranky this morning so I put her in the sling as usual so she would sleep, but she made it quite clear she wasn’t up for that. I figured since we are at the 12-week mark that I’d try settling her down into bed for a nap (tried this a few weeks ago a few times and got 20 mins as a best time…)

Shes currently been in there for an hour and 10mins.


I am silently partying.

However, then I suddenly have this time available. Toddler is (mostly) behaving herself and I realise I can do all the stuff I keep meaning to do that I can never get done without two hands and the ability to sit down for a while. What do I do? Play with the toddler? Bake? Do a workout? Schedule some posts? Write a blog post?

Yeah, a blog post. Haven’t managed to do one for ages. But haven’t planned any yet (as my ‘cover’ ones ran out at the end of Sep), so totally winging it.

Anyway, the point of this post is sometimes we can have a unexpected dose of Time To Get Things Done. But without a plan or a list of prioritised tasks that need doing, overwhelm can creep in. Which often leads to procrastination (tidies kitchen for 374th time this week).

I guess there are two ways to approach this kind of time; a) have an ongoing list of tasks that you could do if you have a spare day/hour/minute to yourself; or b) wing it.

Today I choose b).

Now which is more important – crumble or workout??

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