Why is Written Content so Important?

Traditional ‘hard-sell’ marketing tactics no longer work like they used to. You may have tried them in the past, and struggled ever since with the marketing side of your business. To us heart-centred and ‘helping’ business owners, this method of ‘in your face’ marketing just never resonated with us, leaving us feeling less than authentic – which is what we’re all about.

Fortunately, times are changing. People recognise and value authenticity now more than ever amongst all the chatter. Business owners are finding the value of reaching out and building their own ‘tribes’, providing their followers with content that informs, educates, entertains, and connects. This positions them as a teacher, mentor and friend, rather than using the old direct selling model.

So, why is written content such an important part of your marketing strategy?

  • It engages your reader and builds your tribe – When you provide useful and interesting information, your reader starts to become interested in you and your company; keep building upon this, and you attract a tribe of people who resonate with you and what you share. These people are crucial as they will not only buy from you, but can also spread the word of how awesome you are.
  • It shows you know your onions – You might know everything there is to know about something that could really help your customers – but until you start sharing that knowledge, they don’t know that you know! Written content is the perfect way to show your authenticity – especially for the more introverted business owner. It’s a great way to promote yourself without shouting it from the rooftops.
  • It brings you online kudos – Search engines ‘crawl’ websites regularly, and if they find fresh content every time they do, it will really help to improve your site’s ranking. If you’re writing good content, you’ll also find that people want to share it. This helps you to build your reputation up in your industry, as it creates a stir on the most popular social media sites, and gets others linking back to your content (and therefore your site).
  • It’s an investment – Think of written content as an investment in your business. The most useful content is not time sensitive, so it can continue to bring new visitors to your site, or new people to your shop.

In upcoming posts, we’ll look at seven specific types of written content, how to produce them so they are at their most effective, and finally how they are best used to reach out to customers.