Wordpress Care Plans

Because getting your website built and launched is just the beginning…

WordPress Care Plans are currently only offered to new and current clients as aftercare for a website build.


If you’ve simply not got the time or the inclination to swot up on the technical side of keeping your website functioning and up-to-date, then why not consider taking out a WordPress Care Plan? I’ve been working with WordPress since 2009 and I’m here to help keep your site running in tip-top condition.

Why Do I Need a WordPress Care Plan?

I’ve written an article to answer this question, which you can read here.

  • Website updates and maintenance taken care of for you every month
  • Monthly report so you can see whats gone on
  • Support time covers those little tweaks and tidy-ups without having to pay a higher hourly rate
  • Keep your website running at optimum performance – don’t put off potential customers!
  • Enjoy regular site reviews to see what’s working, what isn’t and if any changes need to be made.

How it Works

When you sign up for a WordPress Care Plan, you’ll be getting a dedicated support and maintenance service from me to cover all those little things that can go wrong.

There’s no minimum contract term, as your plan is created as a monthly billing subscription – this gives you the flexibility to pause or cancel your support.

Scroll down to read some frequently asked questions about the WordPress Care Plans.

What’s Included

  • Core/Plugin/Theme Updates

    If you’ve ever logged into the backend of your WordPress site, you may have noticed there are often a variety of updates demanding your attention – WordPress itself is updated on a regular basis (which helps keep things secure and fix any vulnerabilities, as well as introducing new features). For the same reasons, most of the plugins that your site uses need regularly updating.I can update these for you every month, and check there’s no plugin conflicts – particularly useful if a major update is released. Whats more, if your website has a theme for which you’ve purchased a licence and you’re entitled to updates, I can update that too.

  • Performance Optimisation

    I’ll check how your website is performing and make any necessary changes to optimise its speed – not only is the time your website takes to load super important for search engine rankings, it’s also critical for making sure your site users can quickly and efficiently get the information they need; and hopefully turn into your next customer..

  • Uptime Monitoring

    Your website is constantly monitored to see if it goes down – then I can get on the case if it does. Websites often go down for a couple minutes or so due to things like maintenance on the server, but if your site is down a lot I can see if there’s anything that can be done to improve it, or advise you on some alternative hosting solutions that will fit your needs.

  • Security Scans

    I’ll regularly scan your website to check for any security issues, such as core/plugin/theme vulnerabilities, suspicious code and any other things which may compromise the integrity of your site.

  • Backups

    Regular offsite backups so if the worst happens, we can get your website up and running again in no time.

  • Monthly Site Review

    I’ll take some time each month to offer suggestions on improvements, changes and additions to your site so that it continues to align with your business goals.

  • Support/Development Time

    You can enjoy a set amount of time each month that’s dedicated to working on your site – whether it’s tidying up, updating content, or adding something to your site. Your monthly report will let you know what work I’ve carried out.

  • SEO Website Analysis

    Get a snapshot on how your website is performing, and dedicated time each month for work on improving rankings and traffic to your site. SEO is an ongoing process, so if you’re serious about improving the search performance of your website, take a look at the ways I can help you grow your business online.

WordPress Care Plan FAQs

Who does the work on my site?

All the work included in each Care Plan is carried out by myself – so there’s no additional staff members or subcontractors getting access to your website. You can set me up as a User on your site, so that your WordPress Username and Password stays secure to you.


How many websites does a package cover?

Each package purchased covers work on one website.


When do I get billed each month?

Your Care Plan subscription renews each month on the date you took out the plan.


Am I tied into a contract?

No – your monthly billing subscription means you can pause or cancel your plan if you need to. Once your payment is taken, I’ll do the work needed over the course of the month – due to the ongoing nature of the work part-month refunds are not available.


Whats included in support time?

Support time includes anything from updating content to adding a signup form for your mailing list…it depends how much time you have available under your Plan. Minor changes like fonts, colors, images etc wont take me that long – but I’ll track my time in your Report. If you want something doing that’s going to take over the time you have available, I’ll let you know and give you a quote for it.


Does support time rollover?

Unfortunately support time doesn’t rollover – if you haven’t anything specific you need doing, I will look over the site and use the time to make improvements where necessary, as I do with the SEO support time in the Platinum Package.


Can I take out a Care Plan with you if you didn’t build my site?

At the moment Care Plans are only being offered to current website customers, but this may change in the future.