How to write an article

Articles are another great way of sharing your knowledge and positioning yourself as an expert on a particular topic. You may choose to focus your efforts in article writing for the online market, or the more traditional print magazines.

A typical article is usually in the region of 500 – 1500 words; although relatively short, it should be packed full of information whilst being easy to read. The idea is to give your reader some good ideas, knowledge, or challenge their thinking a little whilst they are on their coffee break.

When writing an article, it’s important to have a clear and cohesive structure so that your reader can easily follow it. This is usually something like this:

• A brief introduction to what the article is about (and critically, what problem you are addressing)
• Describing the problem
• Describing what someone who has this problem really wants (this may be something obvious or on a subtler, more ‘primal’ level)
• Describe how you/your products features/expertise/skills can solve said problem, but without using blatant advertising copy.
• Conclude and summarise
• Author Bio

Articles can give you invaluable free advertising too, as you can usually add a small section at the end with your bio and contact details.

For Print…

Despite the growth in online content, there are still plenty of printed magazines out there, which need relevant and quality content.

You may already read some niche magazines in your business area, in which case you are likely to have a good idea of the particular target audience of that publication!

Writing for magazines can position you as an expert as well as giving you the satisfaction of seeing your name in print. However, this is quite a tough market to break into if you have little writing experience.

For the Web…

Article writing for the online market is an alternative way to share information. Articles can simply be published on your website, which will be of benefit as this will update your site with fresh content.

Another method is using one or two of the many ‘article directories’ that you can find on the Internet. The advantages of using these are that they have a good reputation with search engines, so they may help you to get found before your website does. They usually allow you to put a link to your website at the end of each article, which will help to boost your rankings.

There are many directories out there, so it’s best to choose a couple that you feel comfortable with and post to these regularly, rather than to lots of directories rarely.